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Methods for Strategic Collaboration
Foundations Training

Change leaders around the globe, strategically collaborating since 2003

Portable * Flexible * Scalable

Are you interested in learning how to engage groups of 5 to 10,000 in strategic conversations?  This training will give you the foundational skills and knowledge you need to blend and scale four powerful methods that are being used around the world for breakthrough thinking, decision-making and collaborative action?

Who should attend?

This workshop has attracted a diverse and lively group of change agents from 5 continents.  
These sessions often lead to lasting friendships and collaborations.


Consultants, Community Leaders, HR Professionals, Managers, Educators, Business People, Coaches, OD Professionals, Trainers, Mediators, Activists,  Event Planners, Students 

Appreciative Inquiry is a positive change method for discovering what is healthy and working well and then building on those successes.  Rather than focus on what needs to be fixed, Appreciative Inquiry looks deeply into the root causes of success and generates possibilities and plans for bringing dreams to life. The Strategic Collaboration model is grounded in Appreciative Inquiry.

Strategic Collaboration offers the principles, practices and processes for quickly generating collaborative decisions and impact.  Grounded in systems thinking, brain science, human development, organizational design, and collaborative strategy, SC builds on the best of Appreciative Inquiry.  Strategic Collaboration was developed, tested and disseminated by Christine and her partners at Innovation Partners International.  SC saves time and money by quickly generating collaboratively developed plans that increase ownership and action commitments to quickly launch implementation.

Open Space Technology quickly enables diverse groups of people, as well as those who work together every day, to tap the collective intelligence of the whole.  The self-organizing process honors and leverages each person's passion while calling forth a corresponding commitment to take responsibility for action.  In Open Space gatherings, participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions around a central theme of strategic importance.  By the end of the meeting, what was most important to the participants has been discussed and recorded, next steps have been identified and commitments for action have been made.

World Café gathers people at small tables to engage in conversations that matter.  This easy to use method for fostering collaborative dialogue, particularly in large groups, keeps people moving, thinking outside the box and building on one another's ideas as the rotate from table to table.  World Café is used to engage people, especially those who don't know one another, in authentic conversation to generate input, share knowledge and conduct in-depth exploration of key strategic challenges in a very short period of time.

Christine Whitney Sanchez consults internationally with organizations and communities to build the capacity for conscious leadership and strategic collaboration.  She is an international pioneer in blending Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, Open Space Technology and Polarity Mapping to deepen communication through conversations that matter and to liberate self-organization.  For the past couple of years, Christine and her design partners at Innovation Partners International have developed, tested and widely employed their Strategic Collaboration methodology for leadership development, strategic planning, succession planning and collective impact initiatives.  

Christine is well-known as a large-scale change leader.  She has coordinated large initiatives to bring Methods for Strategic Collaboration to the Girl Scouts of the USA, Northrop Grumman, the United States Postal Service, La Leche League International, Appreciative Inquiry Network UK, Facilitators Network Singapore, and KaosPilots Business School in Denmark. At the 2005 Girl Scout National Convention, she facilitated an Open Space session for 1700 elected delegates and coordinated the largest World Cafe event in the world.  In 2008, she facilitated one of the largest multigenerational conversations in the world where over 8,500 girls and adults were invited to use their voice, have conversations that matter and create the future for the Girl Scout Movement. 

Her background in depth psychology and experience in cross-sector work has positioned Christine to inspire diverse groups of collaborators to resolve thorny issues and generate new opportunities to increase the triple bottom line of people, prosperity and the planet.  

Christine holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Hawaii an a Master of Counseling degree from Arizona State University.

Christine developed the Methods for Strategic Collaboration Foundations Workshop in 2003 and has been honored to deliver it to participants in Paris, Chicago, Arizona, Guadalajara, Colorado, Singapore and Wales. Clients such as Girl Scouts of the USA, Rio Tinto, Northrop Grumman, Arizona Diamondbacks, American Red Cross, Motorola, City of Aspen, Colorado, La Liga de La Leche Laninamericano, The Nature Conservancy, Make-A-Wish Foundation, City of Tempe, Arizona, Mesa City Council and Girl Scout councils have worked with Christine to increase sales, create unified cultures, do strategic planning and create learning environments using Methods for Strategic Collaboration.

Polarity Mapping is an elegant tool, developed by Barry Johnson, Ph.D., which leverages the best of apparent opposites resulting in win-win solutions.  May challenges are not problems which can be solved with either/or solutions.  Rather, they are dilemmas or polarities to be managed.  Polarity mapping provides a complete picture of the interdependent opposing forces that often create gridlock.  Working with the upsides of both poles, predictions can be made for the types of change that will result any strategy.


  • Through experiential learning, gain a working knowledge of the principles, steps and practices of Strategic Collaboration, World Café, Polarity Mapping and Open Space Technology.
  • Experiment with mixing and matching methods to serve strategic purposes.
  • Learn how Strategic Collaboration expands on the best of AI.
  • Practice Radical Appreciation Interviews, small group learning and large group synthesis to discover what to preserve and build upon.
  • Engage in Disruptive Inquiry in the hospitable space of a World Café, to determine what must change and be released.
  • Practice Polarity Mapping to develop agreement about strategies for engaging existential polarities.
  • Discern your Goosebump Vision for the impact you want to make in the world.
  • Co-create napkin prototypes of your most exciting ideas.
  • Participate in two types of Open Space Technology meetings to plan for Agile Action and Perpetual Evolution.

Participant Photos


Christine offers a gentle and strong presence to guide the flow of learning for high purpose collaboration.  A wonderful workshop experience in the beautiful Snowdonia mountain region of Wales.

Ann Shacklady-Smith, Wales

The high point for me in this workshop was the absolute invitation and safe space to be authentic in the process of learning and growing. It was an intimate embodiment of collective wisdom. The format of learning by doing, to teach methods through the methods allowed for an accelerated, seamless experience.  What this workshop has prepared me for is the permission to go forth and experiment.  In small, incremental ways I am already integrating Methods for Strategic Collaboration into upcoming workshops and conferences I am helping to shape."   

Magda Peck, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Through relaxed pacing, personal space, safety in the group and Christine's authentic and spirit-filled facilitation I learned about the spirit of facilitation and the holding of ambiguity.

Anita Yap, Singapore

Christine has blended the methodologies in a way that makes sense to me.  She shares her experience generously and I continue to "mine" the workshop guide I received for deeper learning.  I was especially grateful to learn about how she's successfully scaled some of the methods for very large groups.  There was something more I took away, too.  Christine has designed a learning process that brings out not just the knowledge of the participants, but the wisdom and heart from which all transformation flows.

Mary Pierce, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for the quality time & exchanges in Singapore, but mostly for the years of courage & dedication to becoming such an embodiment of who you are.

Michal Papegaaij, Queensland, Australia

This workshop has built my confidence as a facilitator and enabled me to incorporate particularly Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology into a pilot test of an activity to mobilize sector wide collaboration in order to improve the national response to orphans and vulnerable children throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Jane Begala, Washington D.C.


My greatest learning did NOT come from where I expected it to.  If you come to this workshop, be prepared to be surprised.  Be prepared for a workshop that gives you MORE than what is advertised.  Be prepared to learn as much from the students as you do from the teacher (which is perhaps the highest compliment that I could pay to the skill, wisdom, and vision of Christine Whitney Sanchez).  Be prepared to stretch in ways that you did not even anticipate.  Be prepared to see the world in whole new ways.

Mark W. Hanna, Chandler, AZ

 Thank you for showing me a different, more spiritual way of doing Open Space.

Andrew Ballance, London, England

The Provocative Proposition exercise met the various needs of the group, brought in something new and was fun.  I got to play with others around the possibility of working towards an organizational consciousness project.

Denise Wright, Singapore

I plan to use some Appreciative Inquiry in my next leadership workshop in Ireland, as a first step in bringing about a change to emphasize the positive in training of our leaders. 

Participant from Ireland

I've learned and been mentored in methodologies that work - that affect my work with others in positive, active ways - that encourage me to be congruent with my values and beliefs.

Chicago Participant

I'm excited about the "click" of several concrete AI projects to address challenges that I'd been mulling for some time.

Participant from Israel

I discovered sound principles to be used as inner guidance throughout life and rediscovered importance of trusting that voice inside.  The workshop gave me a framework for previously scattered projects in my head.

Paris Participant

I am anxious to extend this Open Space and World Cafe process to Girl Scouts and other venues/organizations.  Each participant has walked away with a bit of understanding of how to hear the voices of the masses.

Participant, Girl Scouts of the USA

I wish to have many more opportunities to attend and participate in this kind of process, but also to be able to share it widely.

Participant from South Africa


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