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Strategic Collaboration

Strategic Collaboration™ is a framework for increasing social, environmental and financial impact through the generative power of collaboration.  By creating opportunities for collective wisdom, equal voice, diverse perspectives, a focus on the affirmative, and an educated eye toward the future, the processes and practices of Strategic Collaboration help people communicate mindfully and develop a practice of continuous inquiry and experimentation that leads to positive action.

We use Methods for Strategic Collaboration such as Appreciative Interviews, World Cafe, Polarity Mapping and Open Space Technology to create generative conversations, vision, decision making and action planning.

Radical Appreciation

What is most precious?  What must we preserve and build upon?

Disruptive Inquiry

How can we think and work differently?  What must we change or release?

Goosebump Vision

What will be different in the world as a result of our collaborative work?

Elegant Design

What shall we prototype and test? What are simple and effective ways to manifest our vision, turning possibilities into probabilities?

Agile Action

What is our iterative approach to mapping outcomes and taking collaborative action while we learn and improve?

Perpetual Evolution

           How can we unleash continuous regeneration through self-organization and a focus on the triple bottom line?

    Christine Whitney Sanchez - Principal - IPI Southwest

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