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The World Café

Collective Wisdom

When the goal of a meeting or conference is to get people talking, planning and moving into action on a specific topic, invite people to share their food for thought at The World Café.  This process is especially successful if the participants share a common interest but bring a wide variety of expertise and experience.

Conversations That Matter


World Café is used to engage people, especially those who don't know one another, in authentic conversation, generate input, share knowledge and conduct in-depth exploration of key strategic challenges or opportunities in a very short period of time.


This easy to use method keeps people moving, thinking creatively and building on one another's ideas as they rotate from table to table.  World Café replicates the spontaneous and productive conversations that often happen when people share meals.  Paper tablecloths and crayons inspire doodling and jotting down ideas.  Provocative questions, relating to the topic at hand, stimulate meaningful discussions. 


Participants gather at small tables with each table focusing on a different questions that revolve around a strategic theme.  The groups are small, 4-5 participants, with one of them serving as the host.  After a set amount of time, typically 20-40 minutes all participants, except the host, move to another table.   The host then introduces the insights and highlights from the previous conversation to the next group. World Café fosters collaborative dialogue, particularly in large groups, keeps people moving, thinking outside the box and building on one another's ideas as they rotate from table to table.  




The end result is a harvest of key ideas and commitments for moving from thinking into action.



At the 2005 Girl Scout National Convention, Christine collaborated with one hundred volunteers to coordinate "Strategy Cafés" for over 2,000 girls and adults who engaged in energetic conversations about the strategic priorities of the Girl Scout Movement. 

Christine is a World Café Regional Steward



FOR MORE INFORMATION on The World Café, check out the book:

The World Café: Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations that Matter (Berrett-Koehler, 2005).

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